Updates to company car Advisory Fuel Rates

Posted by David on December 01, 2015
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HMRC has updated its company car Advisory Fuel Rates (AFRs) with effect from 1 December 2015. The new rates apply from that date, though  employers do have an option of retaining the previous rates for one further month i.e. until 1 January 2016 if they prefer.

The new rates are shown below.

Engine size Petrol LPG Diesel
1400cc or less 11p 7p 9p
1,401 cc to 1,600cc 13p 9p 9p
1,601cc to 2000cc 13p 9p 11p
Over 2000cc 20p 14p 13p

Note: HMRC normally reviews AFRs on a quarterly basis, and these slight reductions to the previous rates are intended to reflect recent trends in fuel prices.

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