Who We Are

David Cooper CTA

David Cooper

Dave Cooper has over 30 years experience of taxation matters and has been a member of the Chartered Institute Of Taxation since 1995.
He worked for 13 years within the ‘Big 4’ accountancy profession, specialising in employer taxes issues. Prior to working in the profession he was an Inspector of Taxes, employed by the Inland Revenue for 19 years.
As well as assisting clients to minimise employment tax risks and resolve HMRC Employer Compliance reviews, Dave also advises organisations, in successfully implementing complex flexible benefits arrangements.
Dave has provided specialist advice to many household names, including clients within the following industries:

  • Sports and entertainment;
  • High Street Retailers and food manufacturers;
  • Health, Education, Local, and Central Government;
  • IT businesses, and;
  • Employment Agencies.

Brian Ackerley

Brian Ackerley

Having worked in the accountancy profession for approaching 20 years, and previously employed by the Inland Revenue for over 14 years, Brian Ackerley has a wealth of experience in the field of employment tax and related issues.
As an Inspector of Taxes, Brian’s main responsibilities were on compliance enforcement and investigation, with employment tax being his main area of expertise.
Within the ‘Big 4’, in addition to advising on compliance and risk management, Brian has also advised on employee reward structures, where appropriate implementing tax/NIC efficient arrangements using techniques such as salary sacrifice.
Brian has worked with and developed long standing relationships with many businesses, including some of the top tier Plcs. His clients include businesses in all industry sectors, in particular:

  • Aviation, Utilities and Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
  • Financial Institutions