Our clients

The following businesses may find our services of interest:

  • Any employer who wishes to manage and reduce employee and worker employment risk, for example if they are currently experiencing a risk based review, by HM Revenue & Customs
  • Employment law firms who do not have specialist employment tax advisers in-house
  • Smaller or medium sized accountancy firms, e.g. who may wish to refer ad hoc specialist work on their clients
  • Vehicle providers
  • Travel businesses and employment agencies
  • Pensions advisers and flexible benefits houses

We are sure that our terms of reference will be flexible enough to meet your needs. For instance:

  • You may require our input if implementing specific projects
  • Alternatively our services may meet a particular need, e.g. coverage of short term maternity or sick leave absences
  • You may require a more regular ‘retainer’ type arrangement
  • You may simply wish us to advise on or deal with tasks or queries on an ad hoc basis
  • Subject to agreement, you may wish to consider engaging us on a contingency basis e.g. where any fees would be calculated as a proportion of identifiable savings