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Posted by David on December 19, 2014
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The HMRC website has continued it’s turgid migration to the GOV.UK domain. In its latest development, the main HMRC home page now seems to have migrated.

Sadly the ‘piecemeal’ nature of the migration has been maintained. Perhaps it is no surprise that all the links on the old home page have not been kept up.

One notable absence is that there is no longer a HMRC specific ‘What’s New’ page (a regular read for the sad acts like ET4B who like to try to keep up to date with relevant tax developments). In fact we had already noted that a number of announcements were no longer making it onto this page (examples include recent consultation statements on travel expenses paid to agency workers, and updates on Office of Tax Simplification recommendations, published 16/12/14 and 10/12/14 respectively, on theĀ  GOV.UK main publications page)

In one last hoorah, the What’s New page offers some suggested advice for alternative information routes . You can now find a list of all changes made to HMRC’s customer guidance using the HMRC latest feed on GOV.UK. We are also informed you can now see the changes relating to individual subjects (such as Self Assessment, PAYE or VAT.) and that you can sign up for email alerts for just one subject or as many as you need! Sadly we don’t seem to have got to the point where HMRC effectively categorises and tags all its various alerts, so that the ones that we each want to see come though in order of relevance.

Time will tell whether the new information process will work. Our first impression is that the new site seeks to ‘dumb things down’ (tax is complicated – like it or not!). You could always stick to Google if you want to check on something more complex (sadly that’s what ET4B often has to do)!


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