HMRC launches on line P11D form

Posted by David on June 27, 2013
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HMRC recently launched its online P11D form. The process permits smaller employers to complete an editable PDF version of the P11D return,  before submission on line.

The timing is unfortunate, as the 2012/13 form was only launched on 24/06/13, for returns which are due no later than 06/07/13. However in the long run this should be a useful addition for smaller employers who only have a few P11Ds to complete. For instance it allows the user to apply certain benefits across the board to (limited numbers of) employees. It will also perform some basic Class 1A NIC calculations

HMRC’s on line P11D form can be accessed here.  The form is intended to compliment, rather than replace, existing methods of P11D submission. For example, manual paper P11D returns are still permitted (for now at least).

Postscript:  HMRC has subsequently acknowledged that the timing of the new process may have contributed or caused delays in P11D submission! Where this is so we understand HMRC has agreed not to seek penalties for late submission if 2012/13 P11Ds are received by 04/08/13.

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