Christmas Greetings 2013 from ET4B

Posted by David on December 20, 2013
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Festive greetings
Brian and Dave would like to take this opportunity of wishing all our friends and colleagues a very Merry Christmas 2013 and a Happy New Year 2014.

Please click on the ‘play’ button below to watch our own unique festive greeting, which should help to properly mark the occasion.

(PS: this only takes a few seconds to watch, we hope you like it – enabling sound is preferable!)

ET4B’s Christmas Quiz 2013
On the assumption your employer is not too ‘Ebenezer Scrooge-like’ (hopefully they have more in common with Bob Marley than Jacob Marley), and you are not personally too busy to enjoy some minor distraction, we have also provided our 2013 Christmas Quiz for your enjoyment(please click this link to open in PDF). The answers to the Quiz are all contained on the second page of this document link.

Top 10 Christmas Cracker Jokes
Back in 2010 we compiled what we thought were our ‘Top 10’ Christmas Jokes. If you can remember that far back, and thought they were bad, sadly our jokes in this year’s offering are much worse (please again click this link to read the jokes in PDF format)! As you might have guessed from the heading, we have ‘borrowed’ them from some Christmas crackers. However they are all good clean fun – groans guaranteed. PS if you do want to look over the 2010 jokes again they are still available on the archived part of our site, under this link.

Once again all the very best to you and yours for the festive season from ET4B

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